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Almost 25

Birthdays galore this week. My former boss, Pete's mom, Howard Stern, and all the martyrs born on the fifteenth. Like me.

Fairly boring weekend, actually relaxing and calm for once. easydamsel was gone for the weekend, so I had the pad to myself, and did little except for work at EB. Of course, for once I'm not the last person coming home late every night, so I've had the place most nights the past week or so until midnight. Finally noticed that the urinal was numbered 23. Of course. I see it clearly now. FNORD.

I'm going to try to get epic47 and Bob to build a version of this, making an extra for my use. I'd definately sponsor that project.

Speaking of monkeys (I mean W, not the kids, racists), see Fox's latest insanity? Just listen, then look at the US/Japanese flags. Scary. With the monkey wrestling the human, I'm reminded of Pete's quest to face off against a primate. Speaking of monkeys (thanks to khephra for that link), I'd love to see what a million monkeys in front of tabletPCs most often find with this. Probably this or Pepsi girl hate sites.

"This is about as romantic as an iodine enema."

And getting back to Fox's jokes, watched Joe Millionaire again with windexcowboy at his mansion. Barely made it in time, as we had dinner with caniswolfie, his better half, mrfantasy, and both halves of the flatline. mrfantasy drank tons of gin before he left, so he was really mean.

"Sometimes I forget you're really intelligent, Russ."

So we raced back to enjoy the show, and I actually went straight home instead of hanging out more at drewuniversity like I normally do until late at night. And wouldn't it just figure, that the one night I'm not on campus, a server needed help at a time I would have still been there. So instead poor windexcowboy had to make his horribly long commute into work, and log me off my boss's machine, wiping all I had left. This either teaches me to save work, even if I think no one else will touch the machine, or teaches me to stay late at work every night. I'm not sure which.

Just got off the phone with towelboy. Interesting revelations and perspectives on things as always. Sometimes I just wish my wishes could be respected. I think I speak rather clearly, but I know I often wuss around to avoid direct confrontation, for silly reasons, then turning into a ball of rage instead of dealing with it in a healthy manner and risk being unliked.

So fuck it.

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