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It ain't me!

This is fucking hilarious. Batman ain't no Fortunate Son.

After the randomness of last weekend, I think this one will be quiet. There was mysteriously the perfect number of hangers to stay at my sweetie's place last week. And I got to see Clockwatchers, the film my sweetie described as the female Ofice Space. While there are a number of differences, they can really be summed up that simply. We got to go to Mt. Fuji for her birthday, and Ken sang again. We played the new version of Trivial Persuit, and I stayed at a hotel with her the night before a swim meet, keeping her company. We went out to Long Island, and I got to meet some friends of her who were connected to both one of my ex's and her cousin's girlfriend through some university down south. Crazy.

csmole and I have been enjoying Gibson's blog. Yeah, he's still my favoritte author. Yes, he's still overrated yet amazingly cool in suprising ways. Took him this long to get online, eh?

towelboy's pop-pop's reading was on CSotD.

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