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Today is my sweetie's birthday! Yay!

She turns the ripe old age of 26.

Christmas was somber, with a couple of deaths in my sweetie's extended family putting a damper on the festive spirit. On top of that, her little muffinhead started peeing blood. Eeek.

Things I've learned since Christmas? Plently. Working more hours at EB than I have since I started working full-time for acadtech teaches you plently. Welp, I've learned from JimmineyB that ``How you guys doing?'' refers to someone liking hot man on man ask. ogun and kellan547 will be consulted to verify this. When you have an angry irate man trying to return his magnificent Xbox for a piece of shit PS2, and you use the example of trying to return something at his place in business, him being an oral surgeon will provide you with comic material for days. When hanging out at the Hibernia Diner with Jessie (yes, CS-ers, the Jessie who inspired Jessie's 133+ Warez), mentioning intense guy's name will cause him to materialize. At the exact moment that you mention him. He's got mad skills like that.

The random vagrant my roomie picked up is still here, I think. Well, his stuff is, I assume they're in bed. That night that she mentioned was fun, meeting Scott's internet fiance and spending time with hiphopatcong and easydamsel. Jessie, as usual, did some kickass ripping punk karaoke. Alan was, as always, the man... even asking my permission for some other patron to do War Pigs. hiphopatcong treated us to drinks, and we exchanged gifts. Another MK&A DVD from easydamsel and Dave, a Sopranos DVD and shirt from hiphopatcong.

Was wearing the shirt tonight, watching Serendipity tonight with my sweetie. Rub shirt against her bare back, as Jonathan Trager emerges from the subway line advertised on said shirt, number six, next to a sign for the play ``Six Degrees of Seperation'', given to me by a big fan of happenstance. Cute.

Cynthia asked me to bring my Xbox over to her place once I mentioned I had a racing game. She played it nonstop after her brother and I played other games. It's fun making your own football plays like the Maeng Maneuver. Definately an offensive play, with a fake handoff and some fancy footwork.

We ended up going to a party at my sweetie's friend's house out on Long Island. runstaverun and kikibird joined us. There was drama, and as runstaverun put it, for once it wasn't intracouple. My sweetie's friend got worse as the night went on, but was sunshine and apologetic grateful in the morning. It was a fun time, even if there was too much Xbox playing and not enough drinking. Too many people driving and being designated. The ziti there was fucking amazing as hell. Even later on, cold. Even in the morning, cold or microwaved. And my sweetie's cookies were good for an afternoon breakfast as well. We had a ton of fun, except for getting ditched and yanked to a bar, and it was a decent time. I had a great time hearing Maiden right after midnight, and not even played at my request, no less!

I still want to do the Times Square thing again, that was a blast three years ago.

Still want to see hiphopatcong's new electronic entertainment devices.

Tonight, while watching VH1's 80's show, we got to hear how flattered Peter Gabriel was by ``Say Anything''.

More happened, like my sweetie's aunt's husband dying, but I can't remember it all. Plus ogun is trashed and talking with m_66 about some hardcore coding on cybersphere. I should pay attention and stuff.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's Eve.

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