☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

Ho ho ho

I think windexcowboy summed up his party pretty damn well. I attended a swim meet with my sweetie, then agreed to go grab dinner at Teriyaki Boy in Fort Lee. Traffic for the GWB was nightmarishly fucking bad, and an accident blocked me from easily taking the exit I normally take. So I thought I could find the place, and got totally lost in the snarl of bridge traffic. Finally, almost an hour later, my sweetie and I get me within three blocks of the place heading the wrong direction. I turn into an alley to get myself going in the right direction, and blow out a tire. Yeah, the same fucking tire I just had replaced. Sweet holy mother of fuck. So my sweetie, who had to get up early in the morning, got the platter, some extra food for us, and helped me arrange a tow truck to take me to the only Sears in the area that was still open... costing me a fucking fortune. The evening was really fucking starting to suck. Finally I got to the party.

What can I say that windexcowboy didn't? Well, I'm sure that kikibird and runstaverun will be sad that incetardis raised his price considerably. Oh yeah, and his lint is blue. windexcowboy boogied down, singing and dancing to Ace of Base, Shakira, and Peter Gabriel (even referring to Mike as LJ user MrFantasy during that). One of windexcowboy's sisters friends out-Jerseyed me of all people. The man who shouts 1669 at people. The guy had a tattoo of Jersey on his back. How fucking cool? He was going to get Middlesex outlined, something I approve of. Hell, I'm thinking of a Jersey on my back with the Parkway and Turnpike outlined. Or maybe every interstate, giving it a function. We filmed switch spoofs, had some of runstaverun's turkey, and communicated with crimson117 in a forum other than phorum. crescentdude and I discussed the merits of Trigger Happy TV while smokers smoked into an air freshener. incetardis and windexcowboy forced me to use a Mac, which certainly didn't enable me to save Christmas or even sell out. It was great seeing celaeno and Mike again, and fun hanging out with my acadtech co-workers despite how some may feel. At the tail end of the gathering, some Colonians wandered around the attic until kikibird punched them in the gut. Outside, runstaverun and kikibird got to see my Xbox and get photographed. On the way home, some poor crazy SUV was heading south on 15 north, about to merge onto 80 west going east.

The next day I worked at EB, as I will most of this week. More hours than I've worked since I got the job at drewuniversity. Maybe Drew will actually get a buck or two. Though some seasonal employee injured himself leaving he who has my other employer's name and I to close the store Sunday night. With the other seasonal employee fucking stuff up, we didn't get out until 1, two hours after the mall closed. Goddamn that was not fun.

Yesterday hiphopatcong came up to get some schoolwork done here at drewuniversity, and went with caniswolfie and I to the Nauseous for our fajita wraps. Later on, caniswolfie and I got to play some Halo.

Two days ago one of my sweetie's cousins collapsed dead while playing basketball. She's at the funeral right now, and yesterday was the wake. Unfortunately I was unable to attend either, but will be letting out their lovable muffinhead pooch shortly and waiting for them to return from Long Island. Maybe I'll give the little canine monster her gifts early.

Anyway, heading there now. Happy holidays to all.

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