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I recommend an Xbox!

The snow angel I made behind BC is still slightly visible. It lasted a long time, I'm impressed.

But yeah, I recommend an Xbox. Not only for the amazing advertisement showing us the futility of life, or the hilarious live commercial. Not just because it's the most powerful system on the market, or has some amazing games. Not even the mind control bleeping medallion. I recommend it because the dark masters bought me. That's right.

Azurik, Halo, Nightcaster, and Oddworld all here free, thanks to being a happy retail Xbox pushing slut. Yeah, for taking the online quizzes. Wanna see how hard it was?

In Azurik: Rise of Perathia players assume the role of Azurik a young apprentice sworn to protect the sacred elements...
a. Earth
b. Fire
c. Water
d. Air
e. All of the Above

Blinx has over 30 levels you can explore, they include such areas as:
a. Jersey City, Albany, Omaha and Brownsville
b. Venice, Canyons, Caves and Ancient Ruins
c. Cairo, High Schools, Sewers and Attics
d. The North Pole, Honolulu, Bangkok and Moscow

By collecting time crystals you can actually do what?
a. Control the flow of time for a fourth dimension of totally unique gameplay.
b. Level up your character to make one mean, enemy beating machine.
c. Trade them in for new costumes and fresh kitty litter.
d. Pay the ransom for his abducted father, Tom Cat.

Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee is the second part in a five part quintology. Each game reveals more about the strange and bizarre universe that is Oddworld, and its varied inhabitants. Choose the two games representing the first installment from the Oddworld series.
a. Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
b. Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
c. Oddworld: Lulu's Trial
d. Both A & B
e. Both B & C

Xbox is built for great single and multiplayer gaming. How many controller ports does Xbox have?
a. 2
b. 4
c. 6
d. Ethernet

All of the below are key features of the Xbox Video Game System except:
a. 8GB built -in hard disk
b. Built in broadband capability for the future in online gaming
c. 56K Modem
d. Real-time Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound support

What is the best way to use the 29 different weapons in Brute Force.
a. Storm in with all four heroes, with guns blazing.
b. Limit your shooting and practice stealth to sneak up on enemies.
c. Learn the strengths of each weapon to best exploit the weaknesses of their foes.
d. It doesn’t really matter, because all the weapons are basically the same.

How would you describe the world that is Kakuto Chojin?
a. A suburban sprawl, filled with malls, schools and playgrounds – all perfect for fighting of course.
b. A fantasy world, full of happiness and joy until the clan Mutang comes and puts out the sun.
c. A grim, somber, deadly underworld, where fighters move among the shadows and battles take place on rain-soaked rooftops, dark alley ways, and mysterious chambers
d. None of the above.

What’s cool about the "Gamertag" feature?
a. It’s one ID per game.
b. It’s one ID that you can use to build your legend across all games.
c. It’s great for creating matches with people I’ve never met or heard of online before.
d. It’s just straight-up, marketing hype.

What is the Advanced Fighting System?
a. You can wear the 3rd party fighting gloves (sold separately by Inspec) to actually get into the game.
b. It means that no two fights will be the same.
c. A gamer can use either the d-pad or the left thumbstick to move your character around the screen.
d. Each character grows into an altered beast.

What is one way to earn greater rewards in Quantum Redshift?
a. Compete at higher speeds.
b. Beat the boss known as Sheba.
c. Beat the game on legendary.
d. Compete with friends with one eye shut.

How would you describe Quantum Redshift if asked?
a. It’s a unique racing experience by combining four different types of Rally into one game: Hill climb, "Traditional" Rally, RallyCross, and Ice Racing.
b. It’s an ultra-fast, futuristic, racing-combat game, where you battle for victory in the ultimate tournament of speed and daring.
c. You’ll get you behind the wheel of 25 of the hottest cars, on city-street circuits of four of the world’s greatest cities.
d. It’s a madcap, over-the-top racing and driving excitement in two of the world's most fascinating cities: Maplewood, MN and Bloomfield, NJ.

Music is a core element of the snowboarding scene. What number of Indie label tracks are included in Amped?
a. 1000
b. 150
c. 1500
d. 80

In addition to riding on real mountain resorts, listening to over 150 tracks from great Indie labels and becoming a media superstar, Amped is the first snowboarding game to focus on what?
a. Cool snowboarders and boarding attire
b. Open freestyle riding on 80 mountain runs
c. Insane tricks on 1500 jumps and rails
d. Awesome textures with unique spray, trails and controller vibrations

In Crimson Skies, how can you use your environments to your advantage?
a. Shoot your enemies as they approach a natural landmark and they'll be more likely to crash into it.
b. Special trees are strong enough for you to land on.
c. Complete the "Aluminum Can" mission by flying to recycling centers.
d. You can trigger landslides, collapse water towers and bridges to destroy or avoid fast approaching enemies.

New features since NBA Inside Drive 2002 include, which of the following?
a. Fireball mode, rooftop challenge, reverse draft and clean sweep tournaments.
b. Rival game mode, pennant collection, trading cards, and WNBA teams.
c. Practice mode, player editors, dynasty mode, new player introductions and more sideline animations.
d. Gameplay sliders, shootout situations and "free-throw tourney"

What kinds of characters offer real-time character interaction in Freelancer?
a. Cartoon Characters
b. Claymation Characters
c. Lifelike 3-D Polygonal Characters
d. Stick Figures mode.

What does Dynamic Player Performance mean?
a. NBA players improve as the gamer gets better. (correct answer A)
b. Gamers can change plays on the fly, even after the ball has been tipped.
c. The artificial intelligence in the game takes over the performance of your weaker players when the gamer is losing.
d. Gamer’s stats are compared to real life NBA players who have played NBA Inside Drive 2003.

So many of these are just obvious. Some are hilarious... I want to race in Bloomfield and explore Jersey City. I want new kitty litter. I think something is straight-up marketing hype. Thank you for leaving the correct answer string in the quiz. Stupid me, I thought warm clothing and snowboards were a big part of the snowboarding scene, little did I know it was Indie music!! Wait, there's the answer a question later.

Some of these just cracked me up. One or two really worked towards selling... someone who has Fuzion Frenzy and Cell Damage would like Whacked! I mean, that's teaching you something. That requires thinking. Most of these really didn't. But hey, I got my free shit.

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