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We almost died

Today, before incetardis, mrfantasy, redvector and I were watching Office Space in my boss's office, I found out why redvector is the way he is while in a liquor store. See, redvector drinks lots of gin. Gin, as most of you know, makes a man mean. It all makes sense now.

Anyway, we picked up sushi for Gloria and ourselves, watched the flick, and eventually headed out to get Slurpees. We comiserated about our love lives, the sad state of affairs in both of our lives regarding NAFTA relations and such, and almost died. Despite what I told theangst, it was not mixing Bawls and Vanilla Quik that almost killed us. As we raced back to drewuniversity, a doe darted in front of my car. Yeah, we were going fast, some asshole was on my ass most of the way there. So I dodged the doe, and we speculated about what would have happened had we hit the doe. We wondered who would cry, and what people would say. redvector pointed out that the bottle of sake in his lap would break open, and they'd assume we were drunk drivers. Gloria would tell people we were talking about our love lives. mrfantasy would regret telling us it was fine to drink (assuming, like the rest, that we did drink). And fate would have laughed at us, killing us with Bambi as we bitch about wimmenfolks in my crappy old car. Yeah.

Anyway, going to neenerface and aprilrobin's place. If I end up dead, you people know why.

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