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Darkwing Duck was the shit, I used to make his city in Sim City

Much like agentorrange, I watched Batman the other night.

I really wish the other movies had continued with the same cast. Keaton made a great Wayne and Batman, onlike the other actors who were really only believable as one of the two. The former was a joke of a caped crusader, the latter was a laughable member of high society. But getting back to the good version, nubian god Two-Face? It would have been wonderful to see Lando as the dualist. Hell, I would love to find an alternate universe where they kept the same major cast and production quality for the franchise. But, some things were not meant to be... Clickity-=> here and here and scroll down. *sigh*

Of course, I sound like a silly fanboy. Really, I never got into comics like so many people I know... I stopped reading or purchasing them except for rare exceptions (like Kevin Smith-related crap) back in middle school.

In other news, why do people feel the need to call and pretend it's over triffling matters when there's obviously a myriad of topics and loose strings left to deal with? Wait, nevermind, I understand now.

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