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Snow's melted and Sal's a fool - Virtual Sacrifice Log
Aici zace un om despre care nu se ştie prea mult
Snow's melted and Sal's a fool
Bob's down the hallway.... crayons laid out in front of him, notes on his Jung/Lucas presentation, a laptop being furiously typed in, an open ticket by his side, mellow music playing from the desk desktop. Yeah. Gotta love Bob.

Anyway, heading out to kikibird and runstaverun's place. Was supposed to hang out with aaronkliger, but he got busy. runstaverun and I agree on the practicality of the alteration in reality that Yatta wish for. And I'm pretty sure theangst is behind the Yatta'ing of the lawn by Brother's College.

My drive home yesterday was interesting... dodging SUV's on the back roads of Madison sliding like fucking morons almost hitting me (sad when my pathetic car dodges the SUV in snow) and ending up on lawns... yeah. 24 was brutal, the rest of the commute was reasonable. Hung out in the mall for hours... 20% of it was closed, that number dropping slowly over time, but I tried to get some shopping done. This week has been double discount week at work, so I've been picking up games for friends and co-workers and presents.

I really need to get my fucking shopping done.. though I was still giving out gifts for last holiday season in late summer. Though this year I have family to recognize.

Feeling: hyper hyper
Listening to: The door hitting my ass on the way out

Preach it