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Death and decay, or why the Undead have cool level 6 abilities

Was going to post my long-winded Thanksgiving update today. Of how our hero drove up into the blistering north, had great amazing fucking juicy melt-in-your-mouth turkey from the gods, and drove down the slippery road known as Pokeymoonshine to some and Pokiemoonshine to others.

But instead I kept my ``sweetie'' company at her sister's husband's grandmother's Jewish wake out on Long Island. It was good to see her sister and her husband with my name. They had just seen her when they all went to Gabriel down in DC, and that was actually the last night he had talked to his grandmother.

As Northern Jersey locals would know, the manager and assistant manager in the Ledgewood Funcoland were killed yesterday morning. The manager had worked at our rival store in the mall for some time, so many of my co-workers at my weekend job knew him. Looks like a robbery foiled and irritated by a time delay on the safe, from what the rumormill says. That totally blew all of us away Sunday night.

Even though I officially won the presell dollars per hour race at EB, another employee had just done way more overall than anyone else. It was unfair that work so few hours and kicked such great ass those few hours, while he worked non-peak hours and busted his ass. So he got the Xbox, and my co-workers chipped in to reward me with an Xbox for about 75% already paid for. So I've got an Xbox, and a couple have promised games. Oh yeah, and got to drink tons of Red Bull for free. Yum.

I'll HTML-ize and link-ify this tomorrow.

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