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Don't you know that I'll always be true?

While my life is not nearly so Melodius as towelboy's, there are some good things to note.

Going with Pete (who has a LJ code but has not made one yet) to see Bob Mould later on tonight. Who the hell is Bob Mould? According to Pete, there's a number of our friends who are fans of his work, but I've never heard of the guy in my life. Supposedly he was played at some party at aaronkliger's, but I don't remember. I see no MP3's on the RIAA screwing/Madison-viewing/Elan-AIMing device, nothing between Bob Marley and Bobby Brown. Well shit. I just agreed to hang out with Pete and enjoy a show in the city, I didn't care if it was Gist or Trip Instinct playing.

Oh, nevermind, mrfantasy knows who the guy is. Former lead singer of Hüsker Dü, one of my brother's favorite bands back in the day. Now mrfantasy is jealous that he cannot attend. He cannot convince his marital partner to attend, or postpone important household duties to a later daycycle. Come to the show, mrfantasy! Tickets still available!

Figured out what my costume for tomorrow night at kikibird and runstaverun's party will be, thanks to theangst for suggesting it. It's a secret, only my sweetie, theangst, and angryjohnny know what will be. Shhhhhh.

Got the new trenchcoat from someone's suggestion, it doesn't reach down far enough for me. But, looking around, I can't find a fucking trench that will reach far enough for my tastes. It's cheap, the leather's of decent quality, and it's got all the features (internal pocket, zip-out fur lining, belt) that I demand. Hopefully it will last a decade of constant wear and abuse, as my last trench did. Yay for cheap new trenchcoat!

I just realized that I referred to mrfantasy way too often in this post. Gotta watch out, between that and his voicemail, I might inflate his ego.

Please note I am a recovering goth, as I am giddy, and no goth would admit to being giddy. Even if they just got a new trenchcoat, they wouldn't admit the joy.

Here is this week's required bible verse to read. I might have a working EVO D500 XP config. Maybe. Crap. Betsy might have bad news about it. Be in the domain, damn you, windexcowboy did his arcane black-box magic. Yes, I was being sarcastic, he explained everything, it wasn't black-box at all.

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