☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

Haircut time

Sup, those half a dozen of you left on the eljays? Hot damn, haven't posted since October.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm having my hair cut. Instead of the usual `trim off the split ends' I've been doing since I had a foot hacked off over a decade ago, I'm mixing things up a bit. Having had the same style for even longer than I've worked at drewuniversity as a staff member, maybe it's time for change?

No, this isn't something jedimentat's making me do. It was my idea. I didn't want to get a haircut until I had graduated from college and got a career going. Didn't know it would take me twelve years to graduate from college, but there you go.

I'm taking suggestions for my new style. Here are the ground rules:
  • No shorter than base of the collar/shoulder length. I want room to trim further, if I don't like what I've got.
  • I'm keeping my beard, so hairstyles that won't go with a full beard are right out (i.e. no flock of seagulls).
  • Keep in mind that my hair is fairly lifelessly straight, and I'm thinning up top a wee bit.
  • I prefer low-maintenance hair, but I'm not afraid to go for something a bit rocking, but I'd like to remain employable, but I'm an IT professional.
  • Suggestions must be in by 3 PM tomorrow for consideration.

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