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I didn't touch your place Artie, I swear on my mother.

Worked at EB both days this past weekend, blah blah.

Sunday night, enjoyed yet another wonderful Buscemi-directed episode of The Sopranos. Amazing episode, great work, totally enjoyable.

Hung out with my ``sweetie'' for the next few days, and checked out the Woodbury Commons on her suggestion. Last week, I got it in my head that I was going to buy a new leather trenchcoat to replace the old torn ratty one I've been wearing since around '92 or '93. That trenchcoat has been through hell. It's been shot at (only buckshot though), bitten, stabbed, fell down a cliff, wrestled, over a few fences, ground into swampland, and worn near daily for almost a decade. The seams have been restitched a dozen times, the pockets redone entirely, and the whole thing professionally cleaned a few times. There's a place on 1 I know can make a new coat from the pattern of an old coat, that Pete's used... I'll have to check them out. But Woodbury? Not a single trenchcoat. None in London Fog, Wilson's Leather, or any of the other hundred places I checked. Fuckin' hell. So while I did pick up some great slacks, boxers, sweaters, socks, boots, and a belt... I still quest for a replacement security blanket, I mean trenchcoat. That night, it was giveaway day at EB. The GM had returned from the vendor show with freebies he didn't want, and we circled like a pack of geeky sharks. Neocron shirts, a Disney game yet to come out, tons of X-Box/Gamecube/PS2 games, and even a Sims Online beta.

The next morning I saw a cat fly off the roof of a SUV zipping out of my condo complex Tuesday morning, where I hung out for most of the day. My ``sweetie'' called later, telling me about a horrific accident that occured. She didn't have many details, didn't know if the kid made it, didn't know if the kid was who she thought it was. Needless to say, she was quite shaken up. There were choppers from ABC. CBS, and NBC there... but we saw nothing on the afternoon or evening news. And believe me, we flipped around checking. The sniper stole the show, telling us our kids were not safe, while some kid actually getting killed didn't even blip, except on the UPN station. So I hung out with her, and got to have some of her guacamole. She and Pete still need to do the guacamole-off.

Wednesday I enjoyed the wonderful Oktoberfest at the University Club, visited acadtech, and played TSO for a while. Returned to work yesterday, and played it some more in the evening. It's got its good points, and its bad points. The lag is bad, the game is buggy, and most people have the RP level of.... most MMORPG'ers out there. ONE MORE FOR PIZZA ld ls mt NEED FUN lolololololo!!!!!1111 But if I wanted good RP, I'd just play CS I guess. *snicker* There's some cool things, such as the actions you perform on yourself, and the various Simolean-earning teamwork-required objects.

Got a demonstration of windexcowboy's new robot cleaner today in Paul and mrfantasy's office, damn that's a fucking cool toy. If I had floorspace, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Of course, if getting floorspace didn't involve moving out, that'd be like towelboy's mom cleaning for the maid to show up, except out of practicality instead of fear of judgement by the help.

hiphopatcong informs me that he doesn't read my journal due to the digital verbal diarrhea from others that fills up his friends page. I guess I have to start being prolific and post every time I stub my toe now. Otherwise Feff won't know what's going on...

I've got such a fucked up view on the universe, I end up feeling bad for Michael in Killjoy, Jareth in Labyrinth, and the Prince from Voltron. I realized all of this September 29th, so don't think it is based on recent developments. Another point I thought I had made, and realized I hadn't: my ``sweetie'' hates working with percentiles, due to a traumatic teacher. So she thought that paying twice the tax was a good tip, being used to higher New York taxes. For a long time, I thought to myself that she was the cheapest former waitress I had ever met, silently reflecting on that uncharacteristic attitude towards tipping. Turns out simple communication would have solved it all along. But that, boys and girls, is the story of us in a nutshell. The story of Labryrinth in a nutshell is that the director/writer had recently gone through Lifespring, some sort of self-help/empowerment program, where many of the trials and lessons are adapted from.... in particular, the bag ladies. I shit you not. My first technological mentor/idol's girlfriend at the time worked for it, my mom/stepfather at the time went through all of the programs, and I even got to take part in one. A good deal of it can be directly lifted from the lessons in the program. Betcha didn't know that, tree hugger!

So I need to find a costume, and a trenchcoat. The quests continue. And he-who-shalt-not-LJ just walked in here dressed as a vampire pretending to be a pirate.

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