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Tools for tools in the Web 2.0 era - Virtual Sacrifice Log
Aici zace un om despre care nu se ştie prea mult
Tools for tools in the Web 2.0 era
It's awesome that there's things like ping.fm to notify all my friends on all my networks what I'm doing, or things like FriendFeed to act as a reverse of that, like Natuba did back before it re-invented itself to absolutely blow.

But I want a ping.fm for location based things, like Dodgeball (rip), brightkite, and foursquare. Something that, tied into Google Latitude, lets me check in to all those things without having to sit with my BlackBerry for a minute or two at each new venue.

I've got my flying car, where's my location based multi-network service?!?

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runstaverun From: runstaverun Date: March 23rd, 2009 12:48 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
Brightkite should just have an option to be your foursquare friend and whenever it sees you check in, in checks you in at a completely random other place.
skagirlie From: skagirlie Date: March 27th, 2009 01:27 pm (UTC) (Hard link)

i'm stealing this again

quit saying things that make sense :P
Chorus of 2 demons || Preach it