☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

Yay social networks

In a town I've never been to before in my life, thousands of miles from my roots. Dinner with two friends last night, drinks with three more tomorrow night, and meeting yet another friend the following day.

I'm just glad so many guildies live here. Between this and Blizzcon, I'll have met over half a dozen out of the hundreds. Slowly making a dent.

If someone gets you with a sticker promoting next year's SIGUCCS, take a shot.
If they say, "if it's your first time here, you don't have to go to every session. If you're returning, please try to go to at least one." Take a shot.
If someone clearly hasn't tested out their presentation's additional components (video, etc), take a shot. If it's the opening or closing speaker, take three.
If people bring up last year's tofu travesty, take a shot.
If someone talks about how cold Edmonton was, take a shot.
If two people try to relate while one's supervising 250 students for a major state school while the other's supervising 6 students for a tiny rural private school, take a shot.
If your Birds Of a Feather session runs over, take a shot.
If someone makes a snarky comment about the operating system in question when the speaker has problems displaying their presentation, take a shot.
If you see someone you've met at at least four different SIGUCCSes, talked to at least a handful of times, and you're still looking at each other's name badges? Take a shot.
If you find someone with the same exact technological/administrative/whatever problem you have, take a shot.
If you're at a presentation and think, "Wow, we did this, I didn't know I could write a paper about it!", take a shot.
If you can sum up a paper in two lines, take a shot.
If you learn far more during the Q&A session than during the presentation, take a shot.
If the presentation title is yet another refence to the conference's theme, take a shot.

Yeah, that's my SIGUCCS drinking game so far.

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