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At SIGUCCS - Virtual Sacrifice Log
Aici zace un om despre care nu se ştie prea mult
Every year, there seems to be some hot topic. The topic that there's at least a few papers about, and the sessions are packed with people sitting outside trying to hear. The "Birds Of a Feather" (BOF) sessions are all about it, and those discussion sessions again fill rooms.

Last year, it was Vista. A couple of years ago, it was student employee management. Before that, it was imaging. The year before that, it was spyware.

No idea what this year's hot SIGUCCS topic is, as of yet. We'll see.

EDIT: Figured it out. It's student employees. Those BOFs are packed, there's multiple BOFs about "managing a helpdesk", "managing student employees", "training student employees", etc. Guess that's the topic du jour.

windexcowboy notes that one prior year, before I started going yearly, it was all about choosing or setting up a trouble ticket tracking system.

EDIT DEUX: At this conference, I'm not the only long haired fella. By a long shot. There's tons of my people here. And Canadians. Including a Canadian who cured his own bacon from pigs a friend raises. But yeah, lots of long haired university IT people.

Currently we're discussing how bad the food was last year. The horrible tofu dish is what people kept on talking about last year after it was served Monday for lunch, and it's still a hot topic this year. Wow that was some bad tofu. "Food is very important for IT people."

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