☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

What you crave

White Castle finally makes it to India.

Only thanks to a guildie will I make it to Blizzcon. Who else managed to beat Failoc and the SCV to snag tickets?

Two nights ago, csmole updated graye and I on some CS drama. It's no warcraftdrama, but what is? We were just delighted to hear that things are just as inbred and hilarious as ever. I stopped really coding/creating/pushing buttons on cybersphere shortly after 9/11, but still keep tabs on things. There's some systems that still report to me, and plenty of people who still IM me when things go wrong. Many of my online friends are former or current players, mostly in the former camp these days. I'm just really glad to see that people are still moving across the country, making important life choices, and otherwise living life with CS as a deciding factor.

One time, quite a few years ago, incognito______ and I were the only two people actively coding who knew how MOO code (and specifically, how to work with the ancient fragments of code from those such as ogun and Quinn (beauty crafted from their genius and insanity)). We had a long discussion about how we would have to, well, find some new blood and get them rolling. We joked about what the MOO would be like if we just left it. "I'm sure I'd just log in one day, years later, and still find people playing it. long tailed rat would be the administrator logged on fixing code, as the MOO would just become self-aware.

While it's not an AI running what was once "my baby", a baby I had merely inherited from a long line of those who came long before me, it is kinda cool to see it still pooping its pants, crying, and wrecking people's lives. Long live CS, which has been "slowly dying" and "not the same CS" since at least 1994.

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