☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

LOST in space

IMG00253.jpgI know I need to post about my graduating college after twelve years, and about the incredibly awesome surprise party that jedimentat threw for me. There's a post written up about all that I swear.

But first, I had to post this LOST observation: From that last minute of tonight's season finale, we find out that at least Hurley can learn how to play backgammon now.

Some random guy in Madison stopped utini2 to let him know that I look like Daryl Hall.
utini2: "Are you looking for city hall?"
Random Dude: "No, that dude looks like Daryl Hall!"

So now I've gotten Meatloaf, Dave Mustaine, and Daryl Hall.

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