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I'm graduating soon/last weekend

As you know if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I'm graduating from Drew in eight days.

Yeah, for reals.

It took me twelve years to do so, but now I'm wrapping up this stage of my education and entering the "real world". I guess now I'll need to find a job, move out, and find a place to live. Yup.

Last weekend was pure awesome. Friday night jedimentat and I saw Ministry with runstaverun and kikibird. Hemlock and Meshuggah opened for them. The latter I had wanted to see for some time and put on a damn good show, the former was rather amusing. As for Ministry? Woah. Fucking amazing. A great show. Shame it's the C-U-LaTour. Al Jourgenson had said in an interview, "That seems to be my muse; everyone seems to think I write real shitty music when a Democrat's in office. So we'll do that one, and then me and George Bush go riding off hand-in-hand, into the sunset." Though with the way the election's going, who knows if maybe he had at least another four years of music in him...
IMG00141.jpg IMG00142.jpg IMG00144.jpg
Burton C. Bell, the lead singer for my second favorite band (Just after Maiden) did some guest vocals for Ministry. I knew that, but didn't know that he would come out and sing for both encores. Holy shit was that amazing. When Al Jourgenson announced it, I had a metalgasm right then and there. Burton C. Bell singing some of Ministry's classics from the nineties? Incredible. During the second encore they played their cover of Roadhouse Blues, still with Burton singing. They closed with Under My Thumb, which was the most random song to end the night with.

The mosh pit was entertaining, but I'm getting too old. I used to jump into the thick of it when I was in high school. By college I was always on the edge, pushing people back in or firmly stopping it from expanding further. Now? I'm moving away from it like the cowardly old fart I've become. There was a huge fat guy in the pit from Hemlock on, who ended up shirtless at one point. His mass seemed to scare off a few people from joining the pit during the early part of the night. Only a stoned looking burnt out old metalhead dared to challenge him, sumo style. A couple of the ladies amongst the security force stood on a chair and cackled at him.

That same weekend we went down to Bahr's for petemagyar's birthday on Saturday, and had dim sum for Dan's birthday on Sunday. We only went to Club KO once, down from twice the prior weekend.
DSCF3471 DSCF3474 DSCF3476 DSCF3483

It's amusing to see the first program I ever wrote in C++ (Mancala for Cheersoft) is still out there.

EDIT: Picture of mine on Hoboken 411. Yay.

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