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I'm not even supposed to be here today! Mmmrph! Blurph mmmngh!

noelr's new quiz has my co-workers laughing already.

Saw Vulgar last night, thanks to my two roomies. Nothing like a little clown rape while updating the froshling image due to a minor error. While I enjoyed the movie, I wouldn't recommend it. I'm quite a fanboy, who would rave about Kevin Smith's latest bowel movement if he slapped it on the silver screen. The hue! The texture! Magnificent!

Not to say that Vulgar is a piece of crap, but I'll admit that I've got the fanboy worship, strong stomach, and taste for sick things going for me in this case. Lock the kids up before watching it, and don't eat before.

In other news, I enjoy Utz fat-free pretzels. At certain moments, eating them while drinking ShopRite Cola is a portal to a happier place.

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