☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

LOST - The Beginning of the End

IMG00052.jpgLast night was the first time I'd seen LOST "live", the first time I'd had to deal with commercials, and obviously the first time I didn't have to avoid LJ or the like. It's an odd feeling.

The Oceanic 6?!? We know there's Kate, Jack, and Hugo. jedimentat theorizes that Claire and Aaron are two more of the six, based on Desmond's vision of Claire being rescued. runstaverun thinks that Henry Gale Ben's the sixth member of the group, and the funeral Jack attended in the last flash forward was for him. That explains its massive turnout, and Kate's reaction to Jack's prodding about her attendance. Though if the other three are Claire, Aaron, and Ben, that doesn't leave a "him" from the island for Kate to have to go back to, unless she finally sees the light and hooks up with Hugo.

Personally, I think the funeral was for someone not on the island or the writers don't know yet and they're just going to try to make it fit based on how other things play out. Yeah.

Were others that are not part of the six left back on the island? And what the heck did the six do to turn them into conflicted guilty wrecks?

The re-use of the flash forward had me kind of worried, as it didn't have the oomph of the first one where the fact that it's not a flash back is dropped on you late in the episode. But making it a flash forward between the "present" of 2004 and the future of the earlier flashback was a nice touch. Seeing Ana Lucia's partner interrogating Hurley was cute.

Hurley sees Jacob? Locke's still hooking up with Jacob?

We still don't know a damn thing about the freighter people. Hanso? Paik? Widmore Corporation? Maybe the same group that Abbadon's working for, and Abbadon's trying to find out what happened to their freighter.

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