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Merry Christmas!

To those who celebrate, I hope everyone had/is having a wonderful Christmas. Just got back from visiting cessna182's in-laws out in Brooklyn, from where we called quillter on the phone. Breakfast was with jedimentat's parents before they set out for a holiday season trip.

It's been an entertaining holiday in terms of gift-giving. So far three gifts purchased by me have been duplicates of something the person just got that day or would get a day later. And three of my gifts I almost ended up buying myself, in two cases spoiling the surprise. I guess that just means that great minds are thinking alike, or I really know people/they know me as well as others know them/me. Or something. Whatever. Sleep now.

Oh, and I have a 360, thanks to jedimentat! Because my old Xbox Live Gamertag "Kingfox" was inactive for over a year (damn you WoW), I can't get it back. That, as others have said a few times before, is utter horseshit. Anyway, if you've got a 360 add "KingfoxNinja" to your friends and mourn the loss of Kingfox.

Srsly, bed now.

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