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Trapped in the Closet, tree decoration, and other assorted items

trapped in the closet
Originally uploaded by georgeaye

blackbytes and utini2 had managed to avoid the epic hip-hopera until now. Now they can't tear themselves away.

As a bonus, here's jedimentat chopping the low hanging limbs off of a Christmas tree with a sword.
A sword? Yes, a sword. She didn't have an axe or saw at her place, so we resorted to kitchen knives she didn't care about. When that didn't work well enough, she asked me to get her sword from her bedroom. I returned with a sword. "No, not that one, the one by my bed." Yeah, she rules like that. Between the sword and pulverizing some bits with a hammer, we finally got it into the stand and decorated.
DSCF1951 DSCF1955 DSCF1957 DSCF1962
Last weekend we decided to nauseate people with matching socks and other antics.
DSCF1988 DSCF1992
We went to Kirkpatrick Chapel for the annual Christmas concert. One of my favorite moments included a Korean soloist for an island Christmas song. Actual lyrics (looking at the program now): "When old king Herod him lern dis news, him mad as him can be." The gosphel and Eastern European songs were also awesome. After that we had White Castle, and she got to try one of their shakes for the first time.
DSCF2005 DSCF2007
Tomorrow morning is my French final. Wheefun.

Bootleg trailers for the next season of LOST and the next Batman movie on the internet make me smile.

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