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Belated weekend recap

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Monday morning blackbytes yelled at me for ruining her life by introducing her to Woot, John yelled at me for ruining his life by introducing him to Brick Testament, and Verna quietly noted that I hadn't ruined her life with a website... yet.

Monday night I was wearing, well, girlie fish socks. Don't ask. They were sharks, at least. petemagyar wanted to get delivery from the local hippie joint, and was busy talking on the phone in his room when it showed up. The delivery guy gave me the most mocking expression possible from a person still attempting to get a tip. At least he didn't know they matched my boxers.

Last weekend I watched some high school football with feffthekidd in Hoboken, which was quite an experience. On Saturday a bunch of us went for a tour of Lyndhurst and the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery up in aaronkligerland. Pictures from the weekend right here:
Played with scarecrows.

Tried to sneak into the pool house.

Got into the pool house.

Smelled the mausoleums of the dead.

Drank beer around Andrew Carnegie's grave.

Visited the Bronze Lady.

Crossed the bridge in the cemetery.

Then crossed the Tappan Zee back home.

Had a fun evening with chili mead, mulled wine, and lots of potatoes.

Went to see Steve's band the next afternoon.

See the rest of my photos here. See wassailler's photos from the day over here.

Speaking of her, she totally Kingfoxed me when I tried to show her an old story.

Who the fuck has my Rejected DVD? I've looked through my other DVDs and DVD holders, and can't find it. I vividly remember lending it to a couple of people, but I don't recall who got it last. Ever since I sat at one of carrisse's parties watching it over and over and over again I knew I had to own it. Don't make me go buy another copy.

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