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Holy jeez I haven't posted in over a week. I've been busy.

French class is going well. Today I was leading a small group through translating a few simple paragraphs, and I've been getting better grades than I'm used to from French. While my written assignments are no things of beauty, I'm pleased with how comfortably I've slipped back into many specifics of the language that frustrated me so much almost a decade ago. The semester's half gone, surprisingly enough. Handout seems like only yesterday.

Still need to go over the presentations I saw during my recent trip to Orlando with blackbytes. Work's calming down as we get more students trained and on the schedule. We started the semester with very few student employees and having full time staff on the desk schedule. While we're weaning ourselves off of the schedule as nubs finally fall into place, it kind of has been nice working at least a shift a week. There's a presentation I attended at a past SIGUCCS from one university that had every technology employee, from the top to the bottom of the totem pole, working at least one helpdesk shift a month. While such an extreme might not be necessary, it is a useful perspective. How things actually get done. What practices and solutions are really being used, and what ways things can be improved. What applications of policy, technology, etc. can be brought in to make desk shifts easier for those working more than an hour or two a week.

I've also been busy spending an insane amount of time with jedimentat. From late September on, we've been spending every weekend together and mid-week visits as well, except this past week. We went to Blood Manor with maidoftheshore, kikibird, and runstaverun last weekend, and enjoyed a great hike around Matthew Drinkwater's execution site. While driving around and going through her CDs, I found out that she's known Amy Siegel for ages. Small inbred little world. So very random.

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