☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

Last night in Seminole land

Ross from CS just IMed me asking for code help.
(12:12:32 AM) kingfox: Tell them that kingfox says $gang's parent $group should be re-coded to have .leader be a list instead of an object, as it should have been when incognito______ first coded it but both of us were too lazy to re-do it. Tell them that in 8 years they should have gotten around to fixing that.
I get random IMs all the time from current CS administrators and players. Usually, it's when the server's having issues, as I'm one of the few people who can smack it around a bit. The second most common topic of these messages from out of the blue are requests for me to step in and wield an iron fist to discipline a perceived cheater or right some other sort of wrong. I direct those requests to Doughboy. The third most frequent contact is when the $taskmanager's having problems, and I just give those people ogun's cell phone number.

SIGUCCS is almost over. Session chaired for the first time today, and all three presentations that made up the session were excellent. As usual, I've met some smart people with great ideas doing cool things, and have a pile of notes. Of course, while at Pleasure Island for the gala event, the campus suffers a power outage. Leaving an event for university IT staff to deal with a university IT issue? Go figure. Tomorrow windexcowboy and I fly back to Jersey, where jedimentat will be giving us a ride back to drewuniversity.

You're replacing the water in the fish tanks with the bass tracks! You're making ramen noodles out of Skwisgaar's solo!

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