☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

Drew, debt, and done

The guy in the background of this shot:
had his last day at Drew after many great years of service. I'd worked with him in a few different positions around campus, but his last role was in the Registrar's office. This was useful, as my abusive history with my employer prevented me from registering in the normal fashion. I brought my last registration form to his farewell gathering, and it was the simultaneous end of two eras.

For those new to the story, financial background, they insist on suing me, I petition the faculty after the lawsuit, they let me take classes again, I have issues registering.

Years ago, when I started taking classes again, I thought I would be paid off and graduating at the same time, last May. Got my math wrong, pulled a runstaverun, and instead I'll be done with all of my requirements after this fall semester - assuming I pass French. Done with classes in December, walking in May 2008, only twelve years after I first enrolled. Better late than never, eh?

That's the academic side of things. Financially? I had pulled another runstaverun, and hadn't gotten a form or two in. The past couple months I'd been paying them for a debt that didn't really exist, once the forms went through. So instead of me owing my employer money, as I have for almost a decade now through court and arguments and asshattery, they owe me over a grand. I think I might need "the protection of the court."

Yeah, that means I'm debt-free. From homeless, carless, jobless, and getting my ass sued off to being cleared of debt and about to graduate. I guess, well, I can start my life now.

My credit's still shot to utter shit. I can't even get a credit card to contribute to shmivejournal's experiment. No house, no new car, no condo or apartment that's doing a serious credit check. But I'm going to have even more money rolling in, and a giant monkey off my back.

Maybe I'll rent a parking spot in the garage catty-corner from where I live.

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