☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

Off to Blizzcon

Packing up right now for Blizzcon. In two days, I'll be playing Starcraft II and doing other crap. If you play WoW and you're not going, check out the in game concert. L70ETC's no Dethklok, but it'll be fun.

Off to EWR, then csmole's picking me up from LAX. We're spending the night at Admiral Keth's brewery, meeting up with another guildie the next day, picking up our tickets, and checking into a hotel for the rest of the weekend. There's some others I'm supposed to see over the course of the weekend (CSers and such), but Friday and Saturday I think I'm going to be impossible to pull from the hall. If you want to try to see me, leave an email addy or some other form of contact in the comments, then delete it. The crackberry is coming with me.

Got the DS for waiting in line. Got the stalker sheet. Got bail money in my boot. Just have to move my car, then I'm ready.

I do this every trip, ever since I stole the idea from creepingivy a year and a half ago, even though I'm not afraid of flying. Looking at how I filled out her poll now, well, I told her a secret that ended up coming true a few months later. Anyway, unburden. What's something you wish you had told me in case I don't make it (despite the odds being better that I'd die driving to Drilla's than going down in a firey inferno). What's something you want to get off of your chest and possibly bury away in the digital graveyard for none to know?
Poll #1031571 Leave a message. You people never fail to leave the best notes in these polls.

It's ok. I think we're alone now.


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