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Pointless update, cut to ribbons

Friday night, after work, went to TOE. Spent the time there surrounded by ghosts of my sweetie, remembering the night that she ended up talking to me years before we even considered getting involved. The supposed Mighty Duck fanfic writer was having an animated conversation with the inanimate pillar that made the center of the table the women's swim team was sitting around, scaring her all the way to my table for a chat. Years later, we dated for a while. And, years before that, she even worked there for a year. It being Family Weekend, the place was full of old people. I noticed that Minty Ming and Cool Chris were still absent from the menu, and felt sad inside. But hey, as mrfantasy puts it, you feel less and less like a student every year.

That night she was getting dropped off in Hoboken by a co-worker, and I remember the nights with her in Hoboken. I remember the night I got stuck in that tunnel right before Hoboken, stuck in the tunnel for hours, people trying to back up out, dodging around cars not moving backwards, turning off my car, waiting in the tunnel for hours as my sweetie sat alone at the dark train terminal for hours. She offered some random ponzi-scheming guy who was staying even further west from where I live a ride back, so he could make his train in the morning, who talked our ears off the whole night, leaving us too exhausted to do anything except sleep as we finally turned in as the sun rose.

That night she was spending the night at a friend's house, and all I could think of was the night she was going out to the city with the same friend, spending the night at her place as well... and really ended up surprising me back at my place. That was such an amazing wonderful surprise.

Saturday I went to runstaverun and kikibird's party. But first, I had dinner with my sweetie's childhood friend (currently a froshling at drewuniversity, who was supposed to visit me today to get her computer fixed and never did), her sister who attends the university my sweetie used to work at after graduating, and their parents. I've had my problems with their father in the past, but I had an amazing time, despite the awkwardness between my sweetie and I based on our moving to splitsville a month ago. When the father made a comment about me being spoken for already, I almost burst into tears. But his conversation about his daughter potentially trying to procure alcohol with her friend the former president Franklin amused me as it infuriated her.

windexcowboy, incetardis, redvector were at the party for the first part, my old friend Pete and his band for the latter part. aaronkliger and noelr stayed through the whole thing. runstaverun was desperate for me to arrive, being the non-host bridge between the groups. Got to play Jenga, which always makes it a good night. Japanese rope porn, Welsh addresses, good tunes, angry people who need to wake up at 6 AM, aaronkliger wrestling like the man in the moon, communication issues, getting a recap of the wild weekend in stinky town, and so forth. Everyone else has done better recapping it, and it's not my place to say a damn thing.

Sunday I worked at EB. Some couple had traded in a large pile of DVDs, including every single fucking movie Katie Holmes is in, from The Gift to Disturbing Behavior. Hell, they also had just about every fucking Heath Ledger movie as well, as well as a number of movies with other WB stars. Nothing like slapping a pre-owned sticker on the face of the guy who chiquib's former roomie turned down, who had Spanish with a former roomie. Anyway, after I do the pile and clock out, some family comes in, trying to buy a PS2. They get rung up, and start going nuts when they hear the system is $199.99, the price it dropped to months ago. They grab our ``Upgrade Your System, Get PS2 for $99!'' sign and start threatening legal action for false advertising. We explain the fine print, they don't listen, and demand we make a photo copy. Haasman explains our lack of a photocopier, and they storm out.... stealing the sign. Haas runs out after them, calling mall security and leaving Jessie (CS'ers know him as the owner of the small shack store full of 1337 w4r3z!) there alone. I keep him company for a bit, and leave to get clothing. On my way to get clothing, my former assistant manager and the man responsible for me sucking people into karaoke and I chat for a bit. As I explain the story, mall security comes by holding our sign. As my former manager talks to a co-worker, someone behind me pushes me. It's the mother from the irate irrational family. ``You got your sign, and I got my photocopy! Ha ha!'' Bitch. But I had yummy apple cider in my system, so it's all good.

Had a really amazing time last night. Not amazing in the good sense, but in the amazing sense. Spent most of it an utter wreck, falling apart at the seams. My eyes are even wider open now.

Must really really really go do laundry.

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