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The assassination of the century (so far)

Last night, while driving petemagyar around and discussing the ways of the world, he came up with an interesting question.

What's the biggest assassination of the 21st century so far? The person killed who's made the biggest impact. Doesn't matter if they were a political or entertainment figure. Saddam doesn't count, though petemagyar made an argument for how it was really an assassination instead of an execution.

The 20th century had a lot of big ones. JFK, RFK, MLK, Gandhi, Ferdinand, Moscone and Milk, etc. But who's the biggest one of this century so far?

He came up with an answer, and defended it. _yggdrasil came up with a possibly better answer, but petemagyar disagreed.

Comments will be screened for today, to not bias anyone's answer.

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