☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

Let the stormy clouds chase / everyone from the place

I'm dry. My car's fine. A lot of cars aren't. If I had parked south of where I live, or a few blocks north of where I did, I would have gotten water damage. Fortunately, I got a spot on fairly high ground. The pictures from the other areas are pretty bad.

Took a walk around the "Mile Square City" during low tide this afternoon. Some roads were still blocked off, many vehicles stuck and unable to be towed out, and plenty of businesses closed. Countless basement businesses or apartments had hoses coming out of a window, shooting water onto the street. Beowoof was just about the only basement business that wasn't closed. Sewer grates were backed up, or in some cases seemingly ejecting sewage. I walked by a number of cars that had condensation on the inside of their windows, where water had penetrated the cabin.

As of the evening commute, the only way in or out of the town by road was through the bridges that lead to the Lincoln Tunnel (the worst path due to traffic, even on a good day). The southern end (my usual route) was still completely flooded out and the western bridges were no good due to a wall collapsing into a viaduct. In the video statement from the mayor above, he advised people to not have friends visit, and for outsiders to avoid the town unless they've got a medical procedure being done at our shitty hospital. I've got supplies, I've got homework to do, I'm pretty fortunate.

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