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A week with the cats

Tako on TacoCat
Originally uploaded by Corx.
I just realized that all of the people who usually drag me out of my apartment to go into the city on a Saturday night are out of the state if not the country. It's odd, I'm expecting a random phone call or text message with a location to go to.

This past week I spent most nights at kikibird and runstaverun's apartment, cat sitting. In a way it was a retreat, getting away from my TiVo and my commute and Hoboken parking and Stern and all the other trappings of my daily life. Their wireless router didn't have my laptop's MAC address, I decided against screwing with it by giving it a hardware reset, and instead stole a neighbor's spotty signal. Tuesday I never quite got the latest WoW patch until the morning, and ended up doing nothing more than chatting with a couple of guildies for a few minutes Wednesday night, so it was a week without WoW as well (since I did school work on Monday).

So I got to get some reading for classes done, got some personal reading done, and took advantage of the quiet environment for classwork. Adapting to life without TiVo was rough, but a good thing for my studies.

Mr. Wallace Eyes
Originally uploaded by Corx.
At first, kikibird wanted me to spend every night there. I agreed to every other night. The counter offer was that I didn't have to stay at all, with a warning that the cats can be annoying in the morning. I laughed the warning off, not realizing that every time I had stayed there, they bore the brunt of the feline assault. If I had stayed there longer I might have adapted to their clock or they to mine, but instead I learned how to sleep through Mister Wallace and Taco Cat meowing and/or energetically trying to get to me, even if fed. We eventually came to an understanding, and by the end of the week I brought them a lovely guest who they were very well behaved for.

Now I'm home, and the week after my break from home is break for the students (including me, part-time). Good chance to get a few things done, professionally and personally.

I'm kinda sad that the giant red letters that read IT IS GREEN THINKS NATURE EVEN IN THE DARK are due to be removed from the tail end of my commute next month.

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