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Happy Fat Tuesday

Why is it that every single talk for my afternoon class has to be scheduled for during my evening class? WTF? It's really starting to irk me.

So long ago I threw GAIM on my home machine, but then got hooked on WoW. So people had to IM me using Google Talk or the like on my device, which wasn't the most reliable of methods. At one point, when I had forgotten to sign in to GroupWise Messenger with it, a helpdesk employee created an undead warlock on Uldum to ask me for help in diagnosing a computer's problems one Sunday evening. That was a sign that something had to be done.

So, after much prodding by ogun, you can reach me on AIM, ICQ, YIM, or whatever at home most nights as well.

After months and months of denying it or saying it would just be a nice pipe dream, Sirius is buying XM. Obviously, Stern's going to stay, hopefully the commercials XM's started adding to their music stations will not.

Yay for crappily slow USB DVD drives, scratched DVD-Rs, and vendors who put necessary files on the HD without a supplemental disc. And one day maybe I won't have to worry about the different versions of 888111?

Thursday nights at the helpdesk are not for the thin-skinned. And not just because of noone7212. A few weeks ago, I insisted that having a level 70 warlock was something I could put on my grave. Ruth snapped back with, "Well, who's going to write it there?" Ooof! Ever since then she's been on fire with barb after barb, followed by a red-faced apology.

I know Andy enjoyed yesterday's Bourdain marathon, I assume dulamae did as well. The New Jersey episode was one of the few things I copied over from my old dead TiVo. While I know he has as much involvement with the day to day activities of Les Halles as I do at this point, it's been a few months since my last dinner there. I should remedy that.

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