☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

You are not prepared

By thematrixhasme

I think I'm going to upgrade WoW Drama to WordPress 2.1 tomorrow, and make a few changes I was holding off until this point release came out. That'll also be a good time to really hammer the EQdkp server I'm playing with. Got the PHP 5 changes in last weekend, fixing all the problems, now I just have to wait for the WoW community to produce the data I need to be lazy.

Hit 70 earlier this week, got my Wyvern, still working on my Kara key with graye and crew despite the busted elevator (plz fix k thx).

As of last night I had started both of my classes for the semester. Last semester was learning how we screw the world, with Economics of the Developing World and International Trade. This semester it's Latin American Economics and Economics of Global Warming and Peak Oil. Wheefun. Unfortunately I think the former class will make me crave La Isla even more than usual, particularly when I study on Sundays.

When a computer is installing IE7 and reboots due to the power system being tested in the middle of it, it gets pretty funky. Also, if you're cloning something in VMware, the original isn't too happy and the clone is lost. That, boys and girls, is why we take backups. Otherwise, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!

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