☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

Pictures of the burning shot, release of The Burning Crusade

Originally uploaded by runstave.
runstaverun's photos of the party are up. Check them out right here. Lots of good ones there, including shots of his blister and the foggy morning in the_boke. Three shots of him getting a random girl to kiss my cheek over and over in there, as are shots of my local political figures wishing me a happy birthday.

The random shots of a jewelry store/comic book store are for madolan. I didn't own a camera until last night, and I've always wanted to take a shot of the place for her. Every time I walk past it, I crack up and think of her.

Both of my copies of The Burning Crusade Collector's Edition arrived just a half hour ago. Now the painful wait until I can go through the portal and join jerks like graye who skipped work today...

One of the two copies is going to mystedraveneyes after her problems with Best Buy, so I'll have to come up with another contest reward for WoW Drama.

EDIT: George Clooney producing a version of Diamond Age for Sci Fi? WTF?

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