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Birthday recap

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We're all alive. It's because we're all alive that we're sad.
When we raise our hands and let the sunlight filter through, we can see our blood coursing through them a vivid red.
Even earthworms, mole crickets, and water striders are all, all alive and all our friends.
We're all alive. It's because we're all alive that we laugh.
We're all alive. It's because we're all alive that we're glad.
When we raise our hands and let the sunlight filter through, we can see our blood coursing through them a vivid red.
Even dragonflies, frogs, and honey bees are all, all alive and all our fr...

I've been holding off on posting until I found Mike Maeng's photos and runstaverun uploaded his, but I haven't been able to get a hold of runstaverun today. Poor guy. I think the next time he sees a rum and coke his hand will start throbbing with pain. Every year something bad happens with fire at my birthday parties, and this year kept the tradition alive. And how! See windexcowboy's photos right here.

So, here's a quick recap of the party. What better way to celebrate a birthday one day before the release of the Burning Crusade by trying to burn your apartment down? petemagyar and I were still running around like madmen trying to get things set up as party time approached, cleaning like furious madmen. See, we only give the apartment a real deep cleaning when we have a party. This wasn't so bad when we'd have three or four parties a year, but when the only party is my annual birthday party... it gets messy. Behind cardboard boxes waiting to go out he found a plastic lid from last year's falafel, and yes I know how disgusting that sounds. So as of shortly after the start time for the party, this apartment was the cleanest it had been in a year. Yay for feffthekidd showing up early, yanking his pants off, getting on all fours, and cleaning our kitchen floor. The early others to trickle in also helped, so we were ready at go time. People kept on trying to put things down on the one last dirty surface as I tried to clear it off for cleaning, which was kind of funny after a while. runstaverun and kikibird finished up the Chatham Artillery Punch just as I needed the space in the fridge, I tried to open up gifts and eat dinner, and didn't get to do so due to the continuous stream of people arriving for a while - which was a good sign. If I don't get to have more than a piece or two of the platters of sushi before they go, that's a good thing. If I can't make it from one side of the apartment to the other in under an hour due to getting grabbed by different groups, that's a great thing. If I get to meet new people, see friendly faces I hadn't expected to see, and get reunited with old companions, that's a wonderful thing.

Some key moments, for me at least, include some of the following:
  • The unknown female who runstaverun kept on prompting to kiss me on the cheek for photographs that "didn't come out." As always, he proves to be an excellent wingman.
  • Another fine wingman was Mike Maeng, who was on fire that night (but not literally like some of us). Mike was the first man to get me drunk back in high school, and continues to be one of my favorite amateur bartenders to this day.
  • After freaking out over trying to find someone to bring the Ibby's when I realized how much more work needed to be done, I was in the awkward position of having a phone number to call to argue someone OUT of playing World of Warcraft so they could do ME a favor. Bur? Kek!
  • When all was said and done, I had two different vehicles willing to pick it up and calling me regularly to do so. Yet Ibby's wasn't answering the phone, leaving us falafelless for the evening. Boo for that.
  • The aforementioned punch was as amazing as expected, if not more so. Now I have a newfound appreciation for punch as a host. You serve a killer punch (made my awesome people) and most people will drink said punch. Mixers were hardly touched, I have a fridge full of beer, yet most people got drunk and had a hell of a time. Viva punch!
  • As with most parties, not counting beer, I have more liquor now than before the start of the party. Someone begged to open a bottle of wine and I gratefully tossed them a corkscrew. I seriously need to take up alcoholism.
  • Speaking of alcohol, I tend to do flaming shots with people while drunk. Pictures of past parties, if you've never made one, are full of pictures of me brandishing fire while begging people to partake.
    • Three years ago KG fell for the trap, and was hurting as a result. Every year since then it's gotten worse.
    • Two years ago redvector didn't take the shot down in one fluid motion, letting it roll down his throat. Poor guy ended up in my bathroom, puking and coughing.
    • Last year the man famous for putting out a student of his that was on fire, towelboy, managed to set his facial hair on fire. runstaverun, who was outside smoking when this went down, and commented that it smelled like someone got a bad perm when he came back in. Despite being drunk, I insisted we do it near the sink instead of at the couch as towelboy requested. This is wisdom that served even more valuable this year.
    • This year, I got dickardo, runstaverun, and the female who came with shmivejournal to join in on the bad idea. Jokes about taking the shot to "stupid decisions" and the like were made, as the lights went out. In the past, it's just been done as a simple shot. But people tried to make it a toast. When you take four shot glasses full of flaming liquid and tip them at other glasses full of flaming liquid, what happens? That's right, you've got four idiots with burning hands, a burning floor, and a burning stove as they put their glasses down. The fire was put out, order was restored, and finally non-flaming shots were downed to a new toast of "learning from our mistakes."
    The next morning, runstaverun had a massive blister on one of his hands. I'll throw a link to it when he uploads it to Flickr, but imagine something like that, but on a finger. Yowza.
  • So remember that person I was told to call and talk out of WoW? Yeah, maidoftheshore's dating a WoW addict. To make it worse, he plays Alliance. To make it worse, he's a pally. That's right, I had a pally-player walking around my birthday party wearing an Alliance shirt. Boo for that. See him on the far right of this shot. petemagyar started making fun of him to me, explaining that I was on a backwater server, in a crappy guild, and had a joke character. "These guys job to AQ40!" Then the pally admitted to not doing anything beyond a 45 minute Baron run attempt, and petemagyar quickly turned on him. That wsa funny to watch. When maidoftheshore was saying goodbye, I had her ask her boyfriend if it was time to bubble and hearth. Fucking pallies.
  • Having sushi delivered, instead of going out and getting it, is good. It was a last minute decision, but the place turned out to be pretty good.
  • The older young Mr. Holcomb showed up wearing a shirt that petemagyar had purchased for me a few years before, joking about my First Nations blood. It's a shirt I had never worn, finding it too offensive to wear in public. Mr. Holcomb demonstrates, as always, the power of cojones.
  • Lots of faces I hadn't seen in ages. Guy and his fiancée, Leo, Chuck, etc. And of course the people I see every birthday party and then not again for a year. As we do every year, phone numbers were exchanged, and promises to see each other more often were made. The people who work in the city agreed to get lunch with petemagyar or dinner with both of us, and hopefully this time it'll happen.
Other memories will be posted as the pictures taken by others are posted and my memory is jogged. Thank you to those that came out, I had a wonderful time. petemagyar lists it as the best party we've ever hosted since moving in together, and I'm certainly not going to argue with him. The next morning (after an insane dream) I had an excellent brunch with runstaverun at the place that makes iceprincess2250 drool.

Thank you for all of the kind Facebook wall entries, MySpace comments, LJ posts, LJ comments, phone calls, emails, texts, pictures, and so forth. You're an awesome bunch of sweethearts, and I'm lucky to have all of you in my life. Y'all sure now how to make a guy feel good.

Speaking of which, happy birthday to alyska!

Tonight, at midnight, The Burning Crusade comes out. Part of me kinda regrets not preordering at a local store that's doing a midnight launch, since there's even one in the_boke. But someone's got to pay the WoW bills, and I'd just stay up all night playing it - assuming the servers even handle tonight's load. I think that would be a foolish assumption to make, and people taking off this week are more than likely going to spend a good portion of their "vacation" yelling at a login screen.

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