☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

Foiled again

You win this round, incetardis. Next time. NEXT TIME!!

One of my guildies has a review of the punch runstaverun has made for my birthday:
"...I will say that the punch recipie you posted is AMAZING stuff. There's a place in Savannah that sells the stuff every so often, and from experience I can tell you that it's great punch that packs a silent but deadly (if not consumed in moderation) kick. A friend of mine once made the mistake of drinkig about 16 oz. of the stuff before eating. He consequently had trouble holding his own fork when we went to eat. Perhaps he just has a horrible tolerance, but it was histerical none the less."
Good times.

Thanks to runstaverun, kikibird, and agentorrange for the pix.

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