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Another day, another death...

Had a good weekend. Spent time down in central Jersey, visiting girlfriend's hotel for her meet and good friends. Worked my second job, had a good time as always there.

It's amazing what having a better source of income will do to your outlook at a job. People always talk about what they'd do if they won the lottery, whether or not they'd keep their present job, and so on. Most people either say they'd quit their job to do charity or nothing at all, or they'd stay at their job but have a different attitude.

When I was living at Father Joe's, I had no source of income. I burned through my entire savings eating, living, and trying not to rely too heavily on his charity. When I got a job at the local mall, it was my main job. I worked there knowing that hours spent there would pay for gas and food. After I got my current job at Drew, my work attitude towards my old job changed. It was no longer my main source of income, it was something I did to make ends meet. It was something I liked doing because I loved the environment, the co-workers, the perks, and the flexibility. A rude customer I no longer cowered from, I instead spoke my mind... because I'd still eat if I got fired. People comment about having the same attitude towards their current job if they won a few million.

I guess it's along the lines with Office Space, the zen calmness that one attains... though with a million, Pete Gibbons himself would just do nothing. A similar centering can be observed from another heroic figure from a vastly different movie released in the same year. Sure, "It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything." Most of the people I know who have lost everything don't do a damn thing and spiral down the drain if noone saves them. For the trick is losing everything, except for yourself.

And speaking of Fight Club, read this/this if you've seen it.

Eleven player deaths today alone on CS today. Rah rah $death, go $death go!

Spring Break sucks. All of the doors are locked, all of the students are gone, leaving it a ghost land, and the University Club is closed.... yet there isn't the bustle of summer with a million projects being done and various conferences with needs, or the frozen stillness of the January Experience. God I hate that they renamed Janterm that, though I suppose they have to, as classes no longer are taught during that time period.

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