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Unloading khaki cloth jacket (#26630).

After posting my wallowing pathetic messages, went out with Pete, his sister, and one of her friends. Had a great time, saw Menlo for the first time in years. Went out, hit a couple places from my youth, and the local white trash bar. It was great spending time with my adoptive family again, I love those people.

Read Big U Saturday night. Was an amazing read. People who work in higher education should at least read the first half. While some of it's quite dated (like the old Janus 64 computer system), some of it is suprisingly timeless. The sections on campus politics, administration, and so on were priceless. While it ended in a manner Stephenson has used before (Diamond Age-ish), it was still worth reading.

Worked at EB Saturday and Sunday, didn't do much else. Slept. Thought. Read. Watched Traffic, which was a decent flick. My Waking Life curse has carried on, as yet another DVD/DVD player combination fails to play the movie for me. Bleh.

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