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DIAF Blizzard

I put down a take home test long enough to hit Ony (a quick 20 minutes), continuing to do it as we buff, as we prepare to charge, and after I died (like a nub - hey we only had twenty-something in raid and a bunch of alts). Look up from my test, and what do I see? Judgement Crown. Goes great with the Judgement Legplates that dropped off Ragnaros (patch woes and addon hell and changes to mechanics and poor attendance kept us out of BWL/AQ40 this week). So that's right, out of the two bosses my guild faces who could drop T2 during this messed up week, both dropped pally loot. And Blizzard insists that it's working as intended.
"Look, you can gear up your shaman/paladin characters you'll soon have!"
"That's great, but these items are BIND ON PICKUP. You're giving us useless items for a month."
"Working as intended."
"DIAF Blizzard, k thx!"
Yeah. Back to international economics.

TRANSLATION FOR NON-WOW PEOPLE:Two factions are available to play in the game, and they don't play nice. So you're either in a Horde guild and don't have paladins or you're an Alliance guild and don't have shamans. All this changes with the expansion pack, due out January 16th. For many moons the Horde only got items from great terrors they vanquished that are useful to their people, and vice versa. But this past Tuesday, in "preparation" for the expansion pack, they introduced a number of its features - including letting each side get all possible loot. Yet they don't get the class that is currently exclusive to the other until the expansion, frustrating raiders greatly. For you see, in the case of the pants, this is very frustrating for some of my online compatriots. The rest of this "set" of armor is from one dungeon, while the pants come from the final boss of another dungeon. All of the bosses before the final boss drop gear that is greatly inferior, so it fails to really draw people once those people have gotten equipped from the other dungeon. This is worsened by the nature of the dungeon, where a lot of "trash mobs", or non-boss encounters, must be fought through. Later dungeons aren't so bad, but this is the first endgame dungeon requiring a group of forty people. So you have to convince a large number of people to battle through a long line of simple "trash mobs", a bunch of bosses that don't really give them anything worthwhile, and then you get to battle the final boss for the pants to complete your good set of gear. This dungeon, Molten Core, is regularly referred to as Molten Bore. I have played games of Civilization IV, studied, caught up on my TiVo, and written A papers while slogging through Molten Bore so my guild members can get their pants.

So you do all that, you kill the final boss, and he drops two pairs of pants. Eight classes available to each faction, so that's 12.5% for each of the two pants that they're your pants. Assuming you're next in line for your class to get aforementioned pants out of the people there, you win. Now pants are being given out for all NINE classes, making it 11.11% for each pair. This doesn't seem so bad, it's only changed the odds a bit. But when you "lose" by having a different pair of pants drop or having another person be ahead in line of you for said pants, the guild is still benefiting or the person ahead of you has them and is no longer in line, improving your odds further on down the road. But these pants, these useless pants, benefit no one. Sure, they can be disenchanted (woohoo) for a minor gain to the guild. But really, they produce nothing but ire and bitter resentment.TRANSLATION OFF

I know I'm one of the first people to say, "it's just a game" when something like this happens, but this is just sloppy planning. If it was providing BoEs but not BoPs for the class, I'd be fine. But there's no reason to change it ahead of the expansion except to irk people. Yes, it's just a game, but that doesn't mean that you have to make shoddy easily corrected mistakes. Other problems people have complained about would take some serious redesigns or changes to the fundamental code. This, unless things are more messed up than the boggiest spaghetti code from CS, would not.

And really, it does remind me of CS. It reminds me of going to Wisconsin, having a person pull me aside and ask why a simple thing doesn't work, and feeling ashamed for no one thinking of making the minor code change. I guess this particular issue in an artificial world I mock others for taking way too seriously rubs me the wrong way because I took pride in the things I worked on and would be ashamed to directly anger my most hardcore of customers this way and reply the way they have. Sure, I know, QQ.

Hey, don't bitch, I haven't posted about WoW seriously in about a year. That's pretty good. Back to economics.

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