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Australian rice faces a 780% tariff

Of course, why do a paper on a topic you've already researched and spent hours writing about when you can scrap it all and start over on a different topic of international trade, just because you find it more interesting? The good answer is that you think you can illustrate a few points relevant to key issues the professor loves discussing in class better with this topic. The bad answer is that the other topic is just boring you. Adios, lack of trade despite obvious comparative advantages between India and China. Hello, Japanese tariffs on Australian agriculture.

The movie version of Zaphod was able to throw the less presidential part of his brain into another head, sometimes I wish I could shove the less studious part of my brain into another head, and let that head sit in my bedroom with my DS and music.

Time to move my car and get something to eat. I've got a long night of writing ahead of me.

Friday night went to Avenue A Sushi (best described as disco sushi) for great food and less than amazing (but decent) drinks with kikibird, runstaverun, and windexcowboy. We were discussing how casual the place was on the way over, to find them playing The Bourne Supremacy on TV. Followed that up with Pegu Club with windexcowboy, for some absolutely incredible drinks that put the beverages from earlier in the evening to shame. It's hard to compare a standard saketini against a dark and stormy made with homemade ginger beer and aged rum.

A few weeks ago (I've been busy) petemagyar and I went to a Halloween party that was also KG's surprise birthday party. The initial Evite that went out to everyone advertised a Halloween party, complete with people accepting/rejecting the RSVP, chatting about costumes, etc. The second Evite went out to everyone except the birthday boy, and told us to wear formal attire. So people showed up in suits and dresses, enjoyed a lovely bartended and catered affair, and then the birthday boy showed up dressed as a sting ray (assuming someone else there was dressed as Steve Irwin instead of a suit). Hilarity ensued. Unfortunately petemagyar took a while getting ready, so we got there late, and I was afraid we'd run into the birthday boy before the surprise was sprung on him. Possible excuses for our attire ("We're dressed as the Men in Black.") were whispered as we hid behind a truck... to find a couple of frat boys heading to the store for some beer. At least it wasn't as bad as last year, where I showed up dressed up as someone from that circle of friends who people had been having a fight with - who then was invited to the party as a peace offering. Hanging out with someone I'm dressed up as that I don't know all that well is a pretty awkward experience.

Of course Bon Jovi broke out a few times, old school beats and tunes were danced/screamed to as appropriate, and a good time was had by all. Maybe a little too much dancing with vegetables, but hey. Met some couple I've heard about dozens of times who live three blocks away from us, and another couple that also hangs out in the_boke regularly. Check out pictures here (click on Kevin's birthday).

There was another party closer to where petemagyar and I live that we ended up catching the very tail end of, enjoying some punch and catching up with someone we hadn't talked to in a while and his girlfriend - who I'd been in a few clubs with back at drewuniversity.

Ok, moving car and finding food. Protection of local industries despite lack of comparative advantage and horrible wage to rental ratios be damned.
EDIT: I just realized, I haven't done a sushi feasting in a while. Years, even. Despite people asking about them over the past few years. I should change that.

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