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Iron Maiden concert next Friday

So Iron Maiden's new album is out. Got my pre-ordered copy with DVD and shirt weeks ago, around the time I picked up four tickets for their show in the Continental Airlines Arena on Friday the 13th of this month. Since then some people's schedules have changed, plans that were being made didn't come through, and other outside factors decided to muddy the waters.

There's one or two people I've offered up first dibs to a ticket (petemagyar and mrfantasy), and there's others who might be interested (jenniever's sister). But I'd like to see if there's anyone out there who would be game and would have a great time.

It's not their best album in my eyes yet, but it's still growing on me. Brave New World, the first album since Bruce rejoined, blew me away as ranking up there with the stuff from the late eighties. Dance of Death had a song or two that failed to get me at first, but a number of songs that even beat its predecessor. Despite the positive US reaction to A Matter of Life and Death, I still haven't sunk into it fully and given it the attention it's due.

So yeah, if you're game, let me know. I'll figure out who I've talked to in the past is going, and make things happen.

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