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Response to Judas

This is a response to this entry by judas, which I intended to make a comment. Unfortunately, it ended up way too big to end up as a comment.

[-] [23189]---From: Jay_Kujawski at Tue Sep 10 4:30am 2032---
[-] Subj: Hmm...
[-] Have there always been people bitching about the game and
[-] people saying it's not so bad? Now that I think about it,
[-] I bet that's been the majority of Meta posts throughout
[-] the game's history... hm... I guess I'm just a newbie, and
[-] don't know which posts to skip over and not respond to
[-] yet... if they can't stand the heat, they should stay out
[-] of New Carthage, neh?
[-] -------
[-] [23190]---From: toadee at Tue Sep 10 5:04am 2032---
[-] Subj: yes
[-] thinking back 6 years ago, meta was largely the same, names
[-] and events change but the subject and content doesnt.
[-] -------

And I think that just about sums it up.

People have been saying CS is 'dead' 'killed off' 'over' 'dying' for longer than you or I have even known about it. CS is dead, long live CS.

Yeah, the reaction to zeek was one of those knee-jerk asshole admin reactions. It was a different staff, with a bunch of short-tempered people, including myself and zeek's buddy Vertigo, who have (hopefully) grown up or moved on. While I feel the OOC punishment (toading) was right on and long overdue.. I think the IC matter of money could have been handled better. We put an immediate clamp on it all, and recoded it to be a zero-sum economy. Over reactionary? Maybe.... ok, probably. We messed up bigtime, I'm willing to agree to that entirely. Is your idea of cutting everything by a percent, after yanking the amount given out by zeek himself, a much more rational, logical, and IC measure? Fuck yeah. There's a million better ways we could have handled it, in retrospect. I find it interesting that you think that made things boring... though reading your post more carefully, I think I misinterpretted what you said at first. I was focusing too much on the IC punishment, missing your comments about being watched.

When everyone got set to zero, some people quit. Others loved it, saying that the game was fun for the first time in a long time, as everyone was set to 8000 credits with one clone. Wealth was squabbled over, fought over, and ended up changing hands more rapidly than it had. A few people felt the game had stagnated until that. People like, not to be pointing fingers here, you had amassed a huge amount of credits and weren't sharing it (not that you'ld have ever amassed such an amount if you HAD shared). They were suddenly on the same level (not counting posessions), and people could actually fight for power again. It stirred things up. But the same can be said about the reset... some opposed it, others thought it was a great idea. A mini version of that occured after the latest stat system got thrown into play, as people tried out the new paradigm, pushing it.

Oh, and your comments about the requiring history approval? Many people, oldbies and newbies, were begging for mandatory history approval before being allowed to play. Incog made Tier 1, with no approval required, which gets around that.. and people bitch about the disposable `throw away' characters that are created in Tier 1. We're never pleasing everyone. That's the nature of the game.

But, now as I read your post again, I see I'm missing the point here. Your point is about the paranoid big-brother mentality of CS admin. But this line here:

he found a glitch which allowed him to create infinite money out of thin air. did he report it? no...would you? no.

Fuck yeah I would. And that's exactly the mindset that's different between stymie/Quinn/Masque/Gilmore and Incognito/Snapple/Kingfox/Captain AHaB. You make a beautiful speech about the IC/OOC crossover, something that I feel has been lacking from a majority of players since the dawn of my time on CS if not longer, which makes me wish I could tattoo that litany on the inner eyelids of new players. Then you say something like that, which just peeves me. Yeah, I would report it, if I gave a shit about the IC/OOC boundary. Something like that is clearly breaking the boundary in my mind, and should be @bug'd instead of raped to the extent he did. I'm sure there was a ton of role-playing. Wait, no, there wasn't. I read the logs. OOC comments, poking fun at Vertigo's sloppy coding, OOC laughter. RP my white ass. It's a view point like that, the one you have, that I never understood fully until I visited LAX. Talking to goya/23%/kevlar, Dinh, and the rest... I started to understand how they played the game, what they brought to the table. I explained how I saw things, and I think better understood each other. That sure as hell doesn't change my opinion of things. What I think is cheating, I'll still call cheating. I'll just understand the mindset a bit better and try to convince the person to accept that I'll see it that way a few times before punishing them.

Lately, people have been mailing me encouraging me to play again, saying it's the best CS has been in years. Others have been mailing me whining about how the game has died. As those posts I pasted in earlier say, nothing ever changes.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, I loved reading your thoughts. I enjoyed the interactions I had with you and koan during my time on CS, our escape. To quote a post I made in someone else's journal:

I know why I escape. I know what issues and demons I have. I feel that CS is the healthiest escape I've got. If I played solo computer games like Dungeon Keeper or Black and White or whatever, noone would get to benefit from my efforts. Only my computerized opponent, until the next game comes out or the match ends. If I got into drugs, I'd probably turn into some friends of mine. I have a very addictive personality. CS is a creative outlet, a place for me to escape that isn't too immersive as an administrator so I can still function and pull out when needed, and is a place where my efforts can benefit and be seen by others. It's the best escape I can be taking, or at least that was my train of thought four years ago when I decided to admin on it.

I know what most of the admin are escaping, and a good number of the players. We're all escaping something.

It beats doing heroin or playing Tribes 2.

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