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TiVo support is teh suxx0rz

And this marks my 10th or so time calling TiVo support. Possibly closer to 15th. Every time I've been dragged from the phone before getting someone, either by jenniever, petemagyar needing to make a call, or something else. Got home at 8:30, hopped on hold around 8:50 near the tail end of How I Met Your Mother (gotta watch it live, after all), and I'm still listening to loud classical muzak. I've waited a few times for 60-90 minutes, and this time I'm staying on until they hang up on me or take me off hold. Hopefully I'll be pulled from Mongolia's development soon before I've written my paper, done my homework, and find myself reduced to beating Pokémon Mystery Dungeon or falling asleep to muzak. Dammit.

EDIT: And now, after being on hold for close to two hours? A brief conversation with a representitive who let me know that there's shit I can do without spending more money than a new dual tuner box would cost. So, looks like I'm buying a new TiVo.

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