☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

International LJ Pirate Drama Day

So it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, as you might have noticed from the changes on LJ today. And, like many other things LJ has done in the past (selling perm accounts, not selling perm accounts, changing the layout, supporting a cause, creating a new tier of accounts, bradfitz tying his shoes differently, the sun rising) there's bitching and drama. Why? Because it's LJ. So kick your feet up and "/popcorn" as the WoWers say.
  • Of course, the best drama is in suggestions. I swear that's the only reason I read the thing. See a furry's objections to the whole deal. Supporting ITLAPD == supporting terrorism! Pirates are terrorists! Arr! Also the funny little user icons with a patch inspire people to rip off the MPAA or RIAA. They demand a way to opt out of (finger quotes)fun(finger quotes) features.
  • Won't someone please think of the NINJAS? Where did talk like a ninja day go? If I had more time, I'd object to that the way the furry objected to celebrating ITLAPD, saying that we shouldn't be supporting ninjas. If we were to celebrate talk like a ninja day, we'd be encouraging vile ninjas like Elitemaiden to continue to ninja loot from other people. I've been a victim of ninjas. I don't like talking about it, but on my early days with my main, some inactive druid ninja'd a staff I really could have used from a BFD run with graye back in bluemurloccult. Stop glamorizing and supporting the ninja lifestyle! BoPs for the masses!
  • Ultimately, even that ninja thread descended into vs . Why can't we all just get along and fill out silly and/or stupid memes for whatever internet holiday it is? Can't we just agree to do that, so no one gets upset and everyone is a winner? Except, of course, _sterno_. But i_hate_sterno.

In non-ITLAPD news, last night reaffirmed by dreams of growing up to be Barney from HIMYM one day.

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