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Cars break and people break down and other things break down too

Over the past few weeks my TiVo, my Sirius, and my car have been acting up.
  • My TiVo keeps on devolving into a blurry monochromatic mess no matter what output I try. Repeated reboots and going to standby and back used to fix it for a bit, but it's down to taking a cold boot for an hour of usage. The cable display is fine, the recordings are fine when copied to my computer (MORE ON THAT LATER), but the TiVo itself is spitting out shit.
  • My Sirius has a power prong as bad as an old Armada E500, but without a battery to give me some fudge room.
  • My car's been having funky transmission more and more lately.
This morning my home desktop's video card went to shit, my cable box flipped out, and good times were had by all. I expect my laptop to burst into flames next.

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