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So the Scroll Lock key is vestigial, like SysRq

Tom Kean's offering his open office hour again. Yay. One more piece of voicemail to delete on a weekly basis. Anyway, I'll split this entry into a few cuts so as not to clutter friend pages.

windexcowboy's party on Friday night was fun, and a needed break. Though, as I had to drive home that night, I didn't go overboard. It's interesting to see how the different cliques at Drew have different nicknames for people, like `Poll Lady' or `Snack Bar Lady' compared to our `Refugee Boy', `Ska Boy', `Dragonfly', `Quiet Carl', or `Emaciated Hot Chick'. Attempting to correlate the two sets of monikers all night was entertaining, though it was rough not calling the younger Marotta `Icee Boy'. It was good to see celaeno again, and redvector made a short appearance with his female friend from Canada, after already showing up once and announcing that he and his companions needed food badly.

Things to note:
    windexcowboy's lamp is backwards.
    Coronas will wander off and end up in bathtubs, toilets, underneath sinks, and in other odd places.
    No one except people like oidhche use the scroll lock anymore.
    Coronas do not taste good with mints in them, but windexcowboy does not care.
    windexcowboy really wants his chair back.
    Madison five-oh were busy that night, but not with us.
    A certain someone really wasn't writing Mighty Duck fanfic, that was just a cruel joke that fooled me.

At first there were so many inside jokes, references that I missed, and other things outside my domain that I really had to be there for. Unlike many gatherings I was at, however, this group of people was quite kind about letting me in on the inside jokes, pausing after each one or pulling me aside to take the time and explain what was behind the chuckle. Many of their jokes or stories left me in stitches. Though, unfortunately, I'll never be able to listen to the Sorcerer's Apprentice in quite the same way again. I love talking to people that you shared all of these years of your life with in this close-knit inbred community, who were at the periphery of your friendship circles, who have entirely different perspectives and stories behind people, events, and places. I felt distant at first, until we started talking about the various `freaks' of Drew. That was the universal topic, the social Rosetta Stone of Drewids, which transcends social circles... that conversation just sucked me in.

One sad moment was talking about WMNJ. Happy memories of it, people lamenting that I left it in the hands of people who destroyed it, these people having less than kind words for people who were anxious and desperate to get their hands on the helm... and promptly dropped it. I found myself apologizing for the situation a few times, and silently cursing the name of those who let things fall apart.

All in all, an entertaining evening. Was good to see some of those faces again.

The next day, I got a phone call from ogun, one of the few CS'ers I've met before. I thought I was working both days at EB this weekend, but I managed to get Saturday off, so I could see him after all. Living in Texas, it's not often I get to see him, obviously. Hell, I barely see the CS'ers who live in Jersey.

He was driving from New England down to Texas, swinging through Jersey on his way. So I had him head over the Tappan Zee and down instead of through the city and over the GWB. That way he could stop by my sweetie's place, where we could all meet up. Unfortunately, she lives forty-five minutes away from me, so I had to take a fast shower and speed my way up to Rockland county to meet them. He was on a tight schedule, so we only had time to chat for a bit, grab a bite to eat, and say goodbye. It's a shame, I wish we could have spent more time with him. Plus, I feel bad, as the two of us were really out of it. I've been fighting off sickness (runstaverun noted that I sounded sick today), my sweetie's had a really rough and busy time at work lately, so the two of us were unentertaining zombies. Sorry Oggie.

Spent a bit more time with my sweetie on Saturday, before having another spat and being ejected. Driving back home, I was listening to Eddie Trunk, the Friday/Saturday night heavy metal show that I enjoy. My friend Pete loves listening to it when I'm driving with him somewhere, as Piazza is a regular guest and Eddie plays lots of music Pete likes. Anyway, a little under a half hour before midnight, he mentions playing some exclusive interview with Bruce Dickinson, my favorite musician. Screw that, my favorite musician and favorite member of my favorite band, Maiden. So I naturally turned up the volume and waited patiently.

I knew Bruce was an avid aviator, picking up the addiction from the drummer of Maiden. I did not know he was a commercial pilot, regularly flying for a British airline when not on tour. Between his radio show, writing children's books, touring with Maiden, recording with Maiden, and all his other activities.. he's a commercial pilot. Quite cool.

Turns out Bruce was trapped in NYC during 9/11, sitting on the roof of a hotel, reading the technical manual for a commercial airliner. Not one of the ones used that day, I can't remember which model off the top of my head. It was interesting to hear his reactions and experiences, as an outsider and as an aviator. He mostly seemed insulted and pissed that people would take the knowledge of aviation, "taught to them freely with a love for the art," and use it in such a horrible way. A great interview.

Spent Sunday working at EB, a fun relaxing time hanging out with good people. And that's my weekend folks. Now go listen to some good music, like Line 47 or some random shit like that.


towelboy uses his loving leading lady's identity, and calls me an Apollonian god, when I'd like to be a Dionysian god.

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