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Back and forth through the city we'll go, new sounds comin' out of the streets

Don't look back to the parody show of sellin' your souls to the beat.

From my email:
You are invited to:

One Night of Fire
Saturday July 29th
Sunset through Very Late

Join us for a renegade street party of massive proportions. This is what you've been waiting for: stilt walkers + fire spinners + aerialists + fireworks + liquor + march bands + champagne + wild abandon in liberated streets on a night full of fire.

This event is the follow-up to last year's epic, First Warm Night where over 1,000 of you joined us for unpermitted bliss and bedlam on the waterfront of Red Hook. This year, we have created an entirely new experience with more performers, locations and a massive surprise ending.

In an era of apathy these events are our escape. Your night will consist of: one part street party, one part train party with a finale of epic spectacle. One Night of Fire is for all of us who hunger for the risk, the revelry and the possibility of the unexpected.

The location will be announced the day before the event.
Read my post on last year's `epic'. Or read Stave's recap. Tonight should be fun, though odds of it being shut down by the police hovers somewhere around 100%. I think the surprise ending will be a holding cell for everyone organizing it. Hopefully One Night of Fire will be better than VHS or Beta's Night on Fire. But first, mrfantasy's picnic!

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