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Fandom of various shapes and sizes

Dante: Alors, t’as pris quoi comme film?
Randal: Un porno hermaphrodite. Des nanas qui ont les deux sexes. Tu devrais voir ça, des belles nanas avec des [zgegs] plus grosses que la mienne.
Dante: Et t’as loué ça?
Randal: J’aime m’instruire.
Clerks French poster.

Speaking of Clerks, saw the sequel with jenniever Monday night. We both enjoyed it greatly. Didn't stay to see if my name made it into the credits at the end under my last name, but I wasn't there as kingfox. I'm a fanboy, so I would say that I loved the film even if it was a steaming pile of fecal matter, but it was good to see a non-believer digging it. I think it could have used just a wee bit more material, but maybe that's just more fanboyness coming out.

Besides, you can't hate on a movie that produces headlines such as Kevin Smith Compares 'Clerks II' Reviews To His Ability as a Lover and gets the Austin Chronicle to discuss ATM.

Greatest graphic ever (even better than this) found from girlpirate via thebitingfaery:

Metafanfiction FTW!

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