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Uncleness, finals, e-peen, life

First off, the most important news, which some of you already have heard: my brother cessna182 and his lovely wife have had a baby boy. That's right, I'm an uncle. Those of you who I've listed as friends on Flickr can see the shots, and I'll upload more today. He's totally got her nose and his chin and cheeks. He was born 7:55 Sunday morning, a healthy eight pounds and nine ounces, just a couple of weeks early. This summer I plan on making it out there, and can't wait to see the little guy.

One final down. One more final on Tuesday, and the assorted writing involved with that.

Yesterday morning Artie Lange told an amusing Tom Waits story. While I think either one would be fun to go drinking with, I think they would be radically different evenings.

5/8 Tier 0, 3/8 (almost 6/8 just gotta get beads and BRD) Tier 0.5, 6/8 Tier 1, 1/8 Tier 2, 2/5 ZG, and some of the best stuff not covered by that. My e-peen is mighty indeed.

Senior Banquet->Mexico->Service Anniversary Luncheon->R60/T60 config->Good times

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