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My preferred P2P network

Trying the Livelizard client. So far, pretty cool, though there's quite a few bugs. I suppose the only answer to that is to give to the code or wait.

I'm picking my sweetie up from the airport tonight! Yay! It'll be so great to see her, I've missed her terribly.

Someone (11:46:33 PM): punk -- what do you use for mp3 downloads?
Kingfox666 (10:36:28 AM): A Canadian.
Auto response from Someone (10:36:28 AM): Sleeping! ...wanna snuggle?

Someone 12:35:04 PM): What what in the what now?
Kingfox666 (6:05:37 PM): Someone (11:46:33 PM): punk -- what do you use for mp3 downloads?
Kingfox666 (10:36:28 AM): A Canadian.
Someone (6:05:56 PM): Right, what what in the what what is that?
Kingfox666 (6:07:08 PM): See, we Americans are very snobbish, by calling ourselves American. There's actually two continents, with many countries, that make up `the Americas'. One of these countries, our nothern neighbor, is known as `Canada'.
Kingfox666 (6:07:19 PM): Natives of this land are `Canadians'.
Someone (6:07:38 PM): ....punk
Kingfox666 (6:08:06 PM): They have a local game where they move about on ice with blades, hitting a black disc into a net. Bloody and primitive, and it has caught on in our civilized first world society somewhat as an anachronism.
Kingfox666 (6:08:31 PM): Their main exports are mind-altering substances, to escape the dreary clime mentally, such as beer and kind bud.
Kingfox666 (6:08:52 PM): So I use a Canadian for mp3 downloads.
Someone (6:09:08 PM): ....yes... I see
Kingfox666 (6:09:50 PM): I say, "You, northern neighbor, fetch me these songs." And he does. They use a barter system up there, and I give him stuff in return. It's like your typical p2p file sharing situation, except we actually know each other and talk to each other beyond, "d00d lolololol yur muzik suxx0rs" as most of you `p2p kiddiez' say.
Kingfox666 (6:10:17 PM): Does this help?
Someone (6:10:26 PM): ...no.
Kingfox666 (6:11:09 PM): Ok. His nomiker is `graye', and he's quite the pontificer. If you work out some system of barter with him, perhaps providing him a favor of some sort, he too could provide you with mp3s.
Kingfox666 (6:11:18 PM): Sorry, I mean pontificator.
Someone (6:13:35 PM): ...yes
Kingfox666 (6:16:14 PM): His website is available at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/6022/
Kingfox666 (6:16:17 PM): Would you like an mp3?
Kingfox666 wants to directly connect (6:16:22 PM).
Someone is now directly connected (6:16:26 PM).
Someone (6:16:34 PM): Um...
Kingfox666 (6:17:00 PM): <Sends her the RMS song>
Someone (6:18:58 PM): You are so weird
Kingfox666 (6:19:06 PM): Why?
Kingfox666 (6:19:10 PM): It's RMS.
Kingfox666 (6:19:13 PM): He's the wierd one.
Someone (6:20:03 PM): I dunno, I'm pretty sure you're weird, too
Kingfox666 (6:20:47 PM): <Sends her picture of Avril>
Kingfox666 (6:21:00 PM): That's the `punk' musician Avril.
Someone (6:21:16 PM): I thought you didn't like her? Hrmmmm?
Kingfox666 (6:21:32 PM): Her music or how attractive she is, hmmmm?
Someone (6:21:41 PM): Both?
Kingfox666 (6:22:19 PM): I don't like her music, but I will not rip my eyes out when presented by her visage, trust you me.
Someone (6:22:37 PM): Gotcha, hot girl, duly noted
Someone signed off at 6:36:27 PM.

Working twenty days in a row ending a week from Friday.

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